Wow, finally I have completed stage two of establishing a photography business (the first stage being starting to take photos!).

It’s very early days yet, and in fact I do not intend for it to ever provide me with anything more than an irregular trickle of income – its purpose is not to make money. It currently has very few photos on it, and many of them are somewhat mediocre in terms of artistic value, but nonetheless, the framework is now there, it exists, and just as with Tame Goes Wild which started life as a 3-page Yahoo Geocities cite in about 2001, it will develop over time. It will not replace my current Web Gallery which will continue to host all the photos I choose to put online, but instead will just be a second home to some of the shots I particularly like.

I was unable to integrate the shopping cart thing fully, so it’s not as automatic as it could be, but I’m happy with it in its simplicity. I look forward to adding a lot of shots that I take during my forthcoming trip.

The address of TGW Photography is, although I prefer the shortcut

Visitors welcome.

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