This haircut was not consciously planned, it just happened.

Click on the image below for a 2-page comic telling the story of what happened last night.

When mulling it over this morning, and being pleasured by the feel of steam from my miso soup brushing past my kopf, it suddenly struck me, “Hang on, didn’t I write something about baldness a couple of days ago in that entry about the temple we went to?”

“I like temples. Mainly for their architecture – but bald-headed monks are pretty groovy in my book too”

As of next week I’ll be abstaining from sex for a year too! What haircut could be more appropriate?!

3 Responses

  1. Cool haircut Joseph. Congratulations on the big engagement. You two will be good together!!! Although you may not agree, I find you quite inspiring, your insight is always delightful and your site is unique in that its hilarious and thought provoking… You make me want to go out and do something to help others and for that I thank you. Once again CONGRATS and have a good day/night!!!!!

  2. Thank you Steve, that is very kind of you, I’m touched. Comments such as yours make it all worthwhile!

    Thanks for the congrats on the engagement too!

    About the haircut: I just got a call from an agency telling me I have a two-day job acting in a TV drama tomorrow and Saturday – only problem is, they gave me that job based on my old photo!

    Them: “So how much did you cut off?”

    Me: “Er, quite a lot.”

    I’ve sent them a photo taken this morning… just waiting for the reply!

  3. Thank you so much for your blog which is fantastic, as the pictures of course.
    Our haircut inspired me but it’s not the first time i completely shave my head.
    Did you finally have the job in the TV drama with your new bald head ?
    And are you going to keep the bald look or not ? Personnaly, it’s the case.
    Congratulations for our engagement, too.