I would like to report back on the successful outcome of an experiment that I began 7 weeks ago, prompted by my departure from a broadband/TV equipped place of rest.

The experiment has basically involved avoiding all news of the national / international variety. No glancing at newspapers in shops, no more daily emails from news sites, no subscribing to RSS news feeds, and especially no television or radio news.

Initially it was a bit tough – I felt I was missing out, and what if something really important happened?!

How do I feel now?

Firstly, far less angry, frustrated or upset about events elsewhere. After all, what is the point in leaving myself open to a constant stream of negativity? Does it help me? Does it help others? No, not in the slightest. It merely spreads the negativity, the depression, the anger, it increases the overall amount of negative energy in the air and does no one any favours.

But what about when something really bad happens and people need your help, like after the Asian Tsunami of 24th Dec.

Well, it turns out that when something important like that does happen (such as the current events in Burma) someone will tell you about it.

But what about education? Won’t one end up being an ignoramus?

Only if one thinks that the only way to educate oneself is to consume media hype.

In summary, this experiment has been a great success for me personally, and I would invite others to try a media switch-off, and maybe subscribe to some positive news. It’ll do wonders for your mood if you’re the kind easily frustrated by bad news, and perhaps even for those of you who think you deal with it without a problem too – subconsciously all that negativity can’t be doing you any good.



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