I’d like to share a few links and stuff that has caught my attention lately.

First off is How to Write Down Your Goals – [MrWangSaysSo]. I’ve integrated this into my daily routine: why not try it yourself and we’ll compare notes in a few weeks.

Incidentally, I cam across that via the ever-excellent Lifehack.org.

Then there’s Kintaro Walks Japan – now why haven’t I done that? I did enjoy that video, although it left me feeling a bit pathetic. It’s just the kind of thing that appeals to me, the sort of thing I feel I really should be doing (Thanks to Tom for the link).

Those feelings of frustration at not reaching my full potential were once again brought up by A Long Ride (thanks to Mum#2 for the link). In fact, it was whilst I was in Mongolia that I received the mail pointing to that site; my initial reaction was ‘Joseph, what the hell are you doing taking the train?! Everyone takes the train? Why not live a little – get on yer bike!’

I just hear these words echoing in my head: “don’t die with your music still in you”.

Another source of inspiration is No Impact Man (thank you AC) – what a fabulous experiment!

A superb little animation entitled “The Big Hoax” reveals the system for what it is – check it out here (thanks Alice).

That’s all for now.