One advantage of being plugged into a university network (along with thousands of other students) is that one often finds other users inadvertently sharing their music collection. Right now, in iTunes, just above my own music collection are those of two other people who have forgotten to turn ‘library sharing’ off on their computers. I’m now listening to some rather nice music that is being streamed directly from a mystery student’s computer. Thank you Mystery Student.

It was only after I had laughed at their silliness that it occurred to me that I might inadvertently be doing the very same thing. Into iTunes preferences I go, and sure enough, I am offering 9978 songs to users of the uni network.

How kind of me. That might explain why my external hard drive has been spinning up at odd moments.

In other computer-related news, I spent a few hours this evening with the award-winning artist Panni Po Yoke Loh, who is hoping to do some podcasting during her upcoming exhibition. She too is a Mac user, but hasn’t wasted much of her life in front of the screen like yours truly, thus was after a few hints and tips. It was a pleasure to visit her home studio – such an inspiration! Sometimes this degree is such a distraction!

If you are in the Sheffield area, why not visit Panni’s East-West Spirit Earth exhibition – it opens to the public on Saturday 4th October. Further information on her website.

My good friend Will of fame will be supporting the event too. I’ve seen a lot of him since I got back – very inspirational. Lots of business ideas buzzing around, including a different approach to selling my photography. Oh! If only I had the time!

I’ve finally finished the 9000 miles website. It’s built for Firefox and Safari – and I don’t expect any Mumblers are daft enough to be using Internet Explorer, so the fact that it doesn’t display properly in that shouldn’t be an issue, right?

It’s now a nice self-contained package – a bid to not let the story get lost amongst the hundreds of mumbles I have in the archive.

I learned on Friday that I have a part-time job. I’m a member of the Tech Team within the ‘Student Network Ambassador’, which came into existence a little while back thanks to a 4 million pound grant from the government to promote Inquiry Based Learning. Do you remember I gave a presentation via Skype for a symposium in Sheffield when I was in Tokyo earlier this year? – that was for the IBL program. It must have been soon after that that I said I’d be interested in being a Student Ambassador, but was unaware that it actually paid until I attended my first meeting on Friday. Jolly good jolly good. Apparently I’m going to be trained in how to use all the latest technology and work on helpdesk and stuff. Suits me (gadget boy) down to the ground. Oh, and I get paid to Blog as well!

In other finance-related news, I was delighted to receive a phone call tonight telling me that *Twinkle*s new health and beauty business in Japan saw a turn-over of £6000 / $12,000 in September. It’s seen steady growth all year, a sure sign that she has a great team working with her.

I would be peeing my pants about tomorrow (tomorrow being the first day of the new semester), were I to truly appreciate just how terrible my kanji knowledge is at the moment. I was going through my flash cards from the second year today, and whilst I could remember most of the meanings, when it came to the readings I was stumped, even with basic characters. I think that this year is going to be my toughest yet, as I grapple with my conflicting desires. Really, I just want to be out there taking photos and things, and in here being ‘creative’ with my Mac, …but I’ve started this degree, so I really must finish it.

Am I still aiming for a 1st (70% and over)? Well, the answer I want to give is ‘No, I’ll be happy with a 2:1 (60%~69%), but these damn books and CDs have taught me to say ‘Yes – if you really want it, you can get it’.

I added meditation to my daily routine this morning. Perhaps that will save me.

Fruit would be good too. I must buy some tomorrow.

Oh, did I mention that I’ve given up alcohol? You know what, it feels fantastic. Several mornings this past week I have woken up after a night out and thought, “Wow, it feels soooo good to know that I don’t have that poison inside me!”. And blackcurrant and soda is only 45p per half-pint.

Anyhow, best get to bed. It’s up at 6am for me from now on.