Last night, whilst loitering in the Student Union foyer waiting for folks to turn up for our first Japan Soc social, I was approached by a a stranger who said,

“You must be Joseph! How’s your knee now?”

This reference to an injury I sustained in the spring in Japan through the Trailwalker Challenge came as something as a surprise to me – who was this guy, and how did he know about my knee?

“Oh, and congratulations on the engagement! How is *Twinkle* by the way?”

Seeing me looking a little freaked out he began to explain,

Well, the thing is, I found your podcast online, been listening to the archives for the past couple of months. I’ve not had internet access lately so haven’t been able to check the Mumble – but obviously you got back OK from where I left you in Russia!

Ah, so that’s why you know everything about me…

I used to feel uneasy about people in real life plugging in to TGW (it’s private, don’t you know!). These days it’s not really an issue. Mind you, only this week I was talking with someone who was expressing alarm at the thought of sharing so much stuff with the world – doesn’t it leave one vulnerable?

Well, yes it does, should one choose to react to negative feedback / mini hate-sites with an attitude of fear and hurt. However, should one choose to accept criticisms with an attitude of gratitude, then it’s a different story.

Oh, that’s not an invitation by the way 🙂

As it happens, the chap I met yesterday was very complimentary about my podcast/blog/photos; that kind of positive feedback is priceless, and makes it all worthwhile!

Anyway, today is Friday. Meeting day. Registration day. Happy day. Time to embrace it.

love joseph