It’s bye-bye Google, and hello Amazon as TGW’s preferred partner.

It seems Google weren’t too impressed by the extreme interest that Mumble readers had in their ads, and decided to withdraw their services. Something to do with overly regular clicks. Glad I learnt the lesson now and not 10 years down the line when I depended upon the income.

It was a good thing actually, as it prompted me to make the switch to Amazon that I’ve been meaning to make for a while. If I’m going to have advertising on TGW I’d prefer to have stuff that’s relevant, and books are far more relevant that a lot of the stuff advertised via Google Adsense. I like the idea of promoting the book industry, as it helps people. The good thing with Amazon is that if people don’t like what they buy, they can simply sell it again, on Amazon, at not much of a loss.

Also, Amazon have this rather groovy flying tool thing, best demonstrated if I mention a classic book on my shelf, Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway. Make sure you put your seatbelt on before hovering over that one.

Hurrah for books! What wonderful things they are!

Today I met up with a couple of friends who, like me are only too keen to try out new ideas. The result was a decision to go ahead with a cunning plan, codenamed ‘E’. More information will follow over the coming few months as things progress. Terribly exciting though, a kind of synthesis of lots of plans I’ve had this year.

Started uploading my photos to a proper photo site today – I honestly can’t remember why I didn’t do this before. Just need to give them keywords and wait for approval – then they’ll be ready to be downloaded 4 billion times a day.

I appreciate that selling via my own site is not really going to generate any revenue at this point (although I did sell one Chipmunk!), that’ll have to wait till I’m famous.

Anyway, best get on. Big pot of Green Tea to be drunk.

xxx love joseph

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  1. I find it quite amusing that the most relevant thing to The Daily Mumble is a Penguin, called Mumble…