The loss of Google Adwords was a bit of a shock – I’d been using it to pay for bandwidth and server space, as well as raising money for Oxfam earlier this year.

Still, the ending of that contract forced me to explore other avenues, one of which has been Amazon.

I’ve not been too impressed with their adverts so far – they’re not that responsive to the content of the Mumble, but none the less they have resulted in two sales since last week.

I know a couple of Mumblers who are regular users of /, so I thought I’d set up an easy link that they may like to use – it takes them straight to Amazon, but by using this link a portion of Amazon’s profits will be redirected to The Daily Mumble.

The links are on the right hand side of the page. It’s easy to remember too:

For those in Japan, the address is

As with the Audible ads, 20% of any profits made after the bandwidth is paid for will be donated to charity.