Ah, this must be the one I was looking for…

15 tips for surviving a task explosion

I see they accidentally missed the one that said “Blog about it before actually taking any action”…


Got my results from the second semester of uni in Japan today.

1 x 90% – 100%
2 x 80% – 89%
1 x 70% – 79%

It’s a shame that these results don’t mean what they’d mean if they were awarded bu a British university. In Japan it seems just turning up to class is enough to get you at least 60%… and if you stay awake in class, a mark of 65% is yours! Pick up a pen and it rockets up to 70%; actually write something and 75% is what the Golden Star you receive represents…

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  1. Well, congratulations anyway πŸ˜‰

    From my experience, university here in the UK isn’t necessarily any different; a large part of why I dropped out of my Computer Science BSc after 4 semesters was that I went there to learn (silly me), and help turn my hobby into more of a career; instead I spent most of my time waiting for them to catch up to my (rather basic) level, and doing all my actual learning in *spite* of the university.

    So, don’t be so quick to dismiss your results. Or be quicker about dismissing results from the UK πŸ˜‰

    For a geekier approach to dealing with lots of tasks, see Push Down Goal Stack in the first Wiki ever. Understanding of stacks and priority queues a bonus.