Happy Anniversary to Us!

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  1. Awwww…happy anniversary Joseph. This entry makes me feel quite sad for some reason though…hmmm…

  2. Haha…I wondered when you’d get curious…

    Well, I don’t know whether this will allay any fears/suspicions/paranoia you may have but what the hell – we’ve met before…I’ve met *Twinkle* (S…) as well, on a separate occasion…aaand that’s all your getting. Now get back to writing giddy exclamations about the joys of existence so I can continue to lurk and take the occasional well-meaning pot-shot ; P

  3. I shouldn’t have asked. I shall try to forget what you’ve told me. It’s somewhat disturbing…!

  4. Haha…fair enough. Don’t worry about it Joseph – I came across the blog by accident and thought it was kinda interesting so decided to check back every now and again.

    If it’ll stop you freaking out, I live a long way away and it’s highly unlikely we’ll ever meet again so…as you were.