I can now add Newspaper Photographer and Writer to my list of responsibilities this year, thanks to that portfolio I created yesterday. I’m just wondering though – is it voluntary? Oh, and somehow I have ended up being responsible for the Japan soc email account again… That’s three out of three years!

Student Finance have been a bit crap this year – my £1700 payment was due in on Monday, but never showed up. Problems with their system apparently. This means my rent is now 10 days overdue… and I have 20p to my name! Lucky I have a load of food in the cupboard.

In other good news, my website was threatened with closure yesterday unless i stumped up $80 (£40) for deluxe webhosting. I was exceeding my disk quota. Gulp. That was a bit of a surprise, but I had no choice but to pay it.

This initial student loans payment – when it does come through – has to last me until mid-January. After rent and mini-loans are paid back (taken out to keep me going this far) I will have a staggering £500 to last me until the next year. That’s, er, £30 a week!!! It really is a joke, especially as I have to pay for my vitamins now (I reckon I should get them on the NHS as they are doing exactly what my Epilim was doing, only naturally).

I’m being pretty good with my budget now though. No more chocolate, no more snacks at uni, and no going out either! At least, not to anywhere that requires the spending of money.

I know I’ll be alright, I know things will work out, but I must admit I do find it quite stressful when things are so tight.

Oh, I was wondering, would anyone spent 99 pence (50 cents) on one of my photos? I was thinking of setting up a gallery of desktop images to help me survive this semester.

Here’s the kind of thing I was thinking of (it’s a fully-automatic instant download thing, credit / debit cards and paypal accepted. Click below for more info).

99 pence for a lovely little chipmunk: www.tamegoeswild.com/store/.

I’d be grateful for any feedback on this idea actually.

Apologies for the tone of this entry. Things weighing down on me a little. It’s important to be down sometimes, otherwise one can’t appreciate the up times.

Love, Joseph