As you may have noticed, I’ve been a bit stressed of late. Why? Deadlines, confusion over what I’ll do after I graduate, financial concerns.

Being ill with a very bad cold left me feeling too shattered to exercise, and I turned to junk food to deal with stress. Mr. Kipling Mince Pies, Buy-one-get-one-free. Magnum Ice Cream Classic – £1 off.

The Mince Pies were nothing but sugar, actually hurting my teeth. Sent me on a real high, and then a low.

My dear friends Jo and Catherine visited on Saturday. It was quite a squeeze to get both of them and baby Ben in his cot into my 3 foot square student flat, but we managed.

I was reassured to find that despite us each having taken very different paths, we remain as close as when we were at college, 13 years ago.

After a much-needed snooze this afternoon, I started making phone calls to friends and family I’ve not been in touch with lately. It certainly put things into perspective for me.

Two of them are having a very difficult time emotionally, each day posing a big challenge to get through.

Another has a family member who suffered a series of complications following cancer-related surgery, and is just starting a course of chemotherapy.

Another is the victim of a vicious campaign of character assassination that has resulted in a high-profile court hearing, the loss of their job (and livelihood), and a pack of lies being fed to all those around them by an antagonistic manager who feels threatened by them.

Another, who has suffered an injury, is having to take a high dose of Valium to deal with the pain.

My love goes out to all of them. May the pains ease soon.

Having spoken to them all, it reminds me that I really have nothing to complain about. I should just get on with it.