Caw blimey, whoever invented this life thing, they get Top Marks. I’m lovin’ it!

Today was yet another superbly sublime day. Thank you everyone who was in it; I hope it was sublime for you too.

I was just looking at some photos of *Twinkle*, who I haven’t seen now for, er, over THREE MONTHS!

Looking through my albums I can’t quite believe how cute she is. Really makes my heart beat faster seeing photos of her, butterflies in my stomach. I think it must be love 🙂

…and I get to see her in 34 days!!!

Picture: Ian Spooner

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  1. Dear Mr. Tame,
    This is a very very official complaint and an equally very very serious complaint on behalf of my client, MacDonalds Inc. I am writing to advise you that your blatant infringement of our client’s trademark slogan: “I’m lovin’ it.” In your opening paragraph of today’s blog could land you in hot water or chip oil. You are advised to remove the sentence at once or else face the consequences, which I assure you will be severe. Another option is to place the above mentioned slogan into quotation marks, include a note about the origin of the phrase , endorse our fine & healthy eateries on your blog, and finally, include a link to the MacDonalds website.

    Yours Sincerely,

    Sir Ronald FT BTD