Quite an eye-opener this Japanese Studies degree course.

Below are some quotes from one of the handouts we’re working with in one of this week’s translation classes.

(It’s not an English-Japanese dictionary I need here, it’s an English-English dictionary!)

“…today, a multiracial coalition of mixmasters is bumrushing the hip-hop/soul arena, dawning the latest trend in clubland: the female DJ.”

“The slew of female neophytes, who usually spin at posh clubs and lounges, aren’t necessarily tech geeks or tricksters who’ll cut and scratch the groove out of a song two minutes in. “There’s nothing more annoying than when I am at a party trying to get my dance on and someone just gets scratch-happy on me,” says 25-year-old Japanese American DJ Erica “E-Love” Hamilton.”

E.R.‘s Eriq La Salle sits a few feet away from the booth, frantically pumping his limbs, while two female patrons squawk about who’s going to start DJ’ing first. “Spinning is so sexy,” says girl one; the other rolls her neck in total agreement.

“Tonight at NV, Kaori is in control of the masses of sweaty bodies bumping, humping, and grinding into each other without mercy to the bass resonating through the club’s excellent sound system. People are getting their freak on. And even if only a handful will survive the furor, female DJs in hip-hop are not going anywhere, as long as there are asses to deliver to their mothership.”

Er, yeah. Quite.

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