Whatever you do, WHATEVER you do,

DON’T click on ‘Back‘.

I’m just trying to convince myself that there is a good reason why I have just lost 2 hours worth of stuff entered into the JET job application form.

I just can’t see it yet.

3 hours later…

Ok, so I’d missed a couple of volunteer things out.

In total, that application took me 8 hours – and I haven’t even started on the 1000 word application letter. Just done the 14-page form, on which you basically have to record your entire life. I couldn’t remember half the stuff I’d done, but found a handy resource on the internet called “TameGoesWild…”

I’m very happy with my application. Once I get the essay done tomorrow and pick up my second reference I can send it all off – in triplicate! I guess the next stage (confirmation of whether I’ve made it through to the interviews at the Embassy) will be sometime in the new year. Fingers crossed.

Remember, only 8 positions available in the UK – the odds are stacked against me …but I feel good about it. The Ultimate Test of positive thinking!

oyasumi xxx

3 Responses

  1. The application process for jet is insane…! I don’t understand why they want to know about every time you’ve been abroad, seems a bit like overkill to me.. does it mean that I have to mention going to Norway Finland and Denmark before I was 4 months old? hehe
    The thing that worries me about applying to be a CIR is that so many other people on our course are applying as well, and I know that if I was choosing people to give the job to, I would pick anybody else over me..
    There’s no harm in trying though I guess!