It was last week sometime when I suddenly noticed that the sun had set. Ok, so it had set before, but at 4pm? I’m sure it didn’t set this early last year.

I’m finding these short winter days absolutely magical. Last night, with the clear skies came a heavy frost, and this morning a bright, clear (freezing!) morning (I wrapped up very warm when going for my 5.30am jog!). Sunrises this week have been just beautiful, the low rays filling the churchyard opposite my flat with gold, frost-coated leaves sparkling with frozen life. It’s enough to take your breath away.

With so few hours of daylight, every second seems all the more precious. Living not for the day, but for the hour! Smiling at strangers as I walk down the icy road – and receiving smiles in return, an unspoken friendly “Cold isn’t it?!” passing between us.

We’re getting there. It feels great to have ‘done’ that presentation for tomorrow before the class has even started. 🙂 Hurrah for technology!

Also, today, myself and my fellow CILASS Tech-Groupies held an interactive workshop for university lecturers on using technology to further learning at uni. The fact that the number of attendees was very limited in number worked to our advantage as it enabled us to experiment with the format, and not worry when things went a bit wrong. The feedback was very positive – we’ll be holding it again in January.

(one of our attendees, a lecturer in Information Studies, is using Second Life in class!)

So, with that, my uni-based extra-curricular activities are over for this year 🙂

Next project is an Essay on the gender divide in the Japanese workplace. Something I know nothing about, thus something worth writing about so I have another base covered for the exam 🙂

Flippety wiggy woo.

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