Gahhhhhhh. Midnight thirty on a Friday night and still in the Info Commons. An expresso and two cans of evil red bull are keeping me awake, as is the stress of a deadline now only 48 hours away. ga gagagaga gahhhh.

I have a head full of a gendered workforce.

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  1. がんばって!

    I’m wondering which deadline you’re talking about though? Because the Work and Society deadline is Tuesday, and the dissertation outline is due on Wednesday, neither of which are 48 hours away from when you were writing that post.

    Actually 48 hours from when you were writing it would be 12.30 on Sunday evening, which would be a really bizarre time to hand an essay in, hehe.

  2. that’s a very good point.

    At least it would be, if I hadn’t been talking about very LONG hours, which are typically about as long as a long piece of string, when compared with normal hours….

    brain gahhh ga gahahhhahha hga gaga

  3. Another thing on the brain going gaga front which rather tickled me was the consuption of an expresso. hehe