Everytime I see this photo I like it more.

I don’t know what it is. Perhaps the blue of the tarmac in the evening sun.

It doesn’t look so good in Internet Explorer or Firefox (Safari being the only web browser to read the color profile correctly … I think)

Everytime I see this photo I think I’m silly more.

This was me the other night, on my birthday actually. I was given a surprise birthday meal. Unbeknown to me, mum and dad had sneaked in and were hiding in the lounge, as were friends Suzie and Richie.

Then, I was called for supper. As ususal. I left my room, walked down the stairs and into the kitchen at which point they all appeared. I must admit, I wasn’t so much surprised, as shocked! It was so far removed from what I was expecting to see in the room that I was stopped in my tracks, and struggled to deal with it.

I wondered, is this how other people feel when they are surprised like that?

me with birthday stuff

For the past 14 hours I’ve been writing my essay on famine in China. I’ve just finished it. 3500 words in the end (excluding references). I feel like I know everything there is to know about it… should help for the exam, now if I can only learn about another 6 China-related subjects in such depth…

Language exams only 4 days away now.