Introducing, MacBook Air.

The world’s thinnest Laptop.

And sexiest.
“There’s a few things we’ve done on the environmental side. It’s enclosed in a fully aluminum case – it’s easily recycled, highly desirable by recyclers. It’s our first mercury and arsenic-free display. All of the circuit boards are bromide and PVC free. We’re very happy about that as well… the retail packaging is 50% less volume, this helps a great deal in energy expended in transporting and disposing the materials.”

– Steve Jobs

Oh, and it’s 10% cheaper if you buy it in Japan.

2 Responses

  1. No wired Ethernet, no user replaceable battery, HDD or memory, PATA instead of SATA (wtf?), no ExpressCard, one USB connector (!?), no card reader, no optical drive, almost certainly going to have flexing problems, uninspiring battery life and more expensive than expected.

    Yeah, think I’ll stick with my Sony TX1XP a while longer; better battery life, smaller in the dimensions that actually matter when you’re traveling, and a decent amount of connectivity. Also contributes less smug to the environment 😉

    I was kinda hoping the rumors of an LED backlit 30″ Apple display were true; my twin 20″ NEC’s are getting a bit long in the tooth (serious image burn-in at the top edge), and believe it or not I’m finding them a little cramped. Alas…