Nothing like a bit of air pollution…

Listening to that Heathrow Airport worker on the BBC earlier today, my hair all stood on end, and tears came to my eyes. He was reporting a brief conversation he’d had with the pilot of the flight that crash-landed at the airport this afternoon. The pilot had described how they’d experienced a complete power failure, and that he’d had to glide the plane in to land, a bit like a space shuttle.

No one seriously hurt, great stuff. In fact, listening to the interviews with passengers afterwards, I was surprised to hear that they hadn’t even realised that they’d crash-landed – now what does that say about the skill of the pilot!

That’s the kind of good news we need more of.

I’m still keeping up with my no-news policy by the way, I love it. Only occasionally do I tune in (like today, when mum #2 mentioned the happy crash).

By being signed up to various campaign e-newsletters, the only times I do hear about all the bad stuff (like the current troubles in Kenya) I can actually do something about it. I know there is a lot of scepticism regarding whether this makes a difference or not, but I don’t think scepticism is reason enough to not at least try.

Anyway, I really muct sleep. Can’t be doing all-nighters with exams around the corner, the worst possible thing one can do – especially when ones an epilator 🙂