Hmmm, well 27 minutes into my thirties, I don’t feel that different.

Last time I had a birthday like this, I was, er, 20.

I can’t have changed much since then.

Let’s check shall we?

Twenty-year old Joseph does look a bit young I suppose. A little on the innocent side. Mind you, that’s hardly surprising, I hadn’t found my wig back then.

Oh, but hang on! What’s that?! Look, up there, …my forehead …it’s GOT BIGGER!

If that is anything to go by, by the time I’m 40 & 50 I’m going to look like this!

Cripes! Where’s that hair grower?!

It’s a good job *Twinkle* doesn’t know about this blog, otherwise she might call off the wedding!

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  1. LOL that made me laugh sooo much.  its scary innit, how we age.   Im 30 and everyone thinks i look 40 :(.  Im gonna be measuring my forehead now LOL