I think if there’s one thing that really makes me feel truly grateful to be alive in this wonderful world, it is the love that *Twinkle* has brought into my life. I feel we have a strong purpose in being together that goes far beyond our everyday human lives. It is so delightful to explore with her, to adventure, to embrace all that is. She is my teacher in many ways. Long may our education continue šŸ™‚

It’s only natural that she attempts to impersonate me…

*Twinkle* plays ‘I can’t see your sock’ with little Nephew Ralph.

New Year was wonderful. Myself and *Twinkle* joined 6 of our best friends, all of whom share our passion for pushing limits and believing in dreams. What an incredible atmosphere – it was like a weekend motivational workshop, the kind that people often pay hundreds of pounds to attend. We spent 4 days together: from 10am to 4pm we were out and about, exploring the South in WigMobile 1 and the TakiTransporter; in the evenings we sat down and celebrated past achievements, shared knowledge and examined tools for further development. On our final night together, we made our 3 year plans, establishing specific goals to get fired up about. This was vital for myself and *Twinkle* – being apart for the past four months has obviously impacted upon our ability to discuss changes in circumstance, and what paths we should take to make the most of these changes.

With Will and Xinxin in central London

“Uncle Joseph, you do look silly!”

It was out of that planning session that our decision to marry in the UK this summer came about (the Japanese wedding will follow next year). It will be a small, home-grown, natural affair. I think most of *Twinkle*s immediate family will come over to join us, which will be great.

Twinkle prepares to go over the moon

Those few days served to further encourage me to regard anything as possible, to bite off big chunks, give it all I’ve got, and not obsess so much about outcomes. Think, it’s often the process that counts the most, rather than the results.

A daily application of Spinach gives *Twinkle* super-smooth skin. Perfect for kissing.

The Marigold Sisters had always dreamed of being models

I went for a jog today, up to Coles Tump, the distinctive hill that marks the edge of the relatively flat expanse of South Herefordshire. Up there I was reminded of the last time I stood in that breeze – 2 years ago, New Year 2006, with *Twinkle*. How much I’d achieved since then! I thought back over 2007 – what an amazing year it had been; I had a lot to be thankful for.

Old trailer on Cole’s Tump

And what a lot we have to look forward to in 2008! Whilst we can reinvent ourselves in the blink of an eye any time we desire, I like the increased emphasis on change that a new year brings. It will be a tremendous year for many of my friends too, as they graduate, as their babies continue to grow, as we all grow together.

Unwrapping Christmas presents at the family home

For now though, I need to keep my eyes on my short-term goals: to do well in my exams, and to be happy with my performance at Imperial College next month.

The revision starts here.

After one more photo of my cutey.