Bloody hell! We just had an earthquake! Strong one too – we’re talking creaking walls!

Arts Tower still standing though.

That’s only the second one in my entire life I’ve felt in the UK…

Update: BBC News

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  1. i just felt it too in Northampton UK. at first it felt like there were people jumping about in the room next door but after 5-10 seconds the whole house started to shake and make rumbling noises!!!

  2. I’m on the fourth floor of the IC with Roni. Thanks to my in-Japan training, my first thought was: “Earthquake! Wait, earthquakes don’t happen in the UK, so… The building’s falling down!” I’m pretty glad it was the earthquake.

  3. We just had it in Doncaster, at first it was like just a bit shaky, nothing major,and then the house was shaking like mad, it was like the house was possesed the street has BIG cracks in it, wardrobes collapsed in neigbours house, wierd.

  4. I just felt in Northampton,UK,too. My bed started shake and it was scary. First earthquake ever been in. This what everyone going to say today!

  5. So did I! I can jus see the top of it from where I live, and I actually thought that maybe it was the Arts Tower falling down that had caused the ground to shake!

  6. Pete, Amelia, the two Anons (not the other Anon I assume… surely he’s not in the UK) –

    Thanks for your comments. Seems like there was no damage, except to a man’s leg when a chimney fell on him.

    Pete – nice photos 🙂