Tee hee, I’m so wicked.

Earlier today I spotted that someone was inadvertently sharing their private printer over the university network (thanks to Apple’s Bonjour networking capabilities). I thought it might be quite amusing to send them a message – that is, write a letter to them, and send it by selecting to have it printed out on their printer!

So that’s what I did, asking if they could do a home delivery service too 🙂

About an hour later I received an email from the owner of the printer (I’d included my email address in my letter) – they said that initially they were pretty freaked out by the sudden unprompted printer action – was there some ghost in the room trying to get through to them? No, just Joseph the other side of the campus.

They had no idea that they had inadvertently turned printer sharing on – how could they turn it off?! (I sent instructions, but their printer still appears as my default!)

I’ve spent the last 6 hours trawling through the various websites associated with the JET program that I’ve applied for. It’s been mightily handy, but has also made me realise just how competitive the market is. There seem to be a lot of people applying for the position of CIR year after year, trying to get in.

Reading about the amazing things that people are doing makes me feel a little queasy, as does some of the insider information on what happens once you walk into the interview. Still, if I wear my bullet-proof vest I should be OK.

I think the key is just to Be Me.

I really do love spring. I was really happy with the photos that I took this morning in Sheffield’s Botanical Gardens.

I’d like to share a few with you.

Squirrel Nutkins was digging away like crazy! Where had he buried his nuts?

I like cacti. They know how to weather the hard times.

[sing] …all around the bloomin’ heather…

Much fun was had around the crocuses. Most of these were taken from a distance of about 2m with my 70mm-200mm zoom. I was happy with the results.

Mr. B was having a devil of a job getting in to gather pollen

Hopping from one to the next

all beauty originates from nature

Banana anyone?

2 Responses

  1. With your credentials now, I’m surprised you’re not shooting higher than the JET program. You should be able to find something which is a bit more professional…though I guess you may be waiting to seek out a plum opportunity when you’re already here and working.

    Good luck!

  2. Thanks for that!

    I know what you mean, and that was my feeling until last November. However, I now feel that if I was to work for a year in the role of CIR (that’s not language teaching, more people/project orientated), it would give me a chance to learn to apply my experience to suit a Japanese environment. The fact is that my language skills leave quite a lot to be desired, and I only have limited experience working in business in Japan.

    Thus, I see a year of working as a CIR as a kind of internship, a stepping stone to greater things.