It’s been a good day.

I spent about 90 minutes on my kanji this morning, after my 20 minutes of exercise and two bowls of porridge, then off to uni for Angela’s class. I like that class. We’re all together, all 17 of us, for the first time ever (usually we’re split into two groups). It’s quite a appropriate really, as not long from now, it will be Angela’s Friday afternoon class that will be our last ever language class at Sheffield. Our last ever class together.

Thinking about that makes me feel pretty sad. I mean, we’ve been through so much together, we’ve achieved so much – can it really just end – like that?

I’m happy today to have been given the opportunity to get involved in the Case Studies project run by LeTS, which is still in its infancy. I must admit, when I replied to the email I didn’t have a clue what it was all about, but now I seem to be somewhat ‘involved’, to put it mildly. I can’t really say much more as myself and the co-ordinator have a secret plan up our sleeves. If we manage to pull it off, it should have a significant impact not only upon the program, but also upon my confidence levels re. performing for a large audience. (Funny that, I was just on the lookout for my next public speaking role…!)

I’m also going to be writing a case study of my experience at the School of East Asian Studies. Well, actually, I’ve already written it. Took me about 5 hours, but was immensely therapeutic. Another bit of synchronisity here too – I’ve been looking for an opportunity to express my gratitude for all that the department has given me, and when I mentioned my feelings towards the departmental staff to the Case Studies co-ordinator she almost jumped for joy: Wow! This is EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for! You have no idea how difficult it is to find people who are thinking like that…!

So it’s all good.

Now I just need to find someone to research and write my dissertation for me as I do all this other stuff!

night night.