Beautiful day today. I was up at 6am, and together with my flat-mate Ali headed out to Ponderosa Park.

I’ll be off to the IC soon to start writing this dissertation introduction (the one that has been turned upside down by yesterday’s discovery of some new legislature governing NGOs in Japan due to come into effect in December this year), and at lunch time will meet up with a Japanese friend for lunch, and picture taking. She needs a photo for the university web site: after two years of being the ‘face of Japan‘, my *Twinkle* is being replaced …and I’m participating in her banishment from the web site. Ohhhh the guilt!

Speaking of photos, this morning I discovered a remarkable capability my Mac has: remote control (via the Internet) of my digital camera. What is most remarkable is how easy it is to set up. You simply

1) Plug digital camera into your Mac via USB
2) In Image Capture, turn on Camera Sharing
3) On some other computer go the web address you are given by Image Capture.
4) That’s it.

Once on that webpage, you can see all the photos on the camera’s memory stick, download them to your computer, and even tell the camera to take another photo. Or, you can click on the “Monitor” tab in which case the camera will automatically take a photo once a minute, and the web page will auto-refresh.

Some mumblers may recall that I set up a similar system last year, but that involved creating an automator action and FTPing them to my server. With this, everything seems to be done locally.

The wedding plans really are coming along nicely now. Mum and dad have been just great. In fact it’s been a bit like remote control with them too. I just fire off an email with an idea or question, and next thing I know I get a response confirming that initial bookings have been made. Ah, the wonders of the Mac!

OK, I’d best get on. Have a lovely day.