Joseph in Hirosaki, 8 years ago. Somehow I don’t think I was very happy that day.

Yay, business plan complete!

Even if we don’t make it through to the final, it will all have been worthwhile, as I now have a very nice template to work from for any future start-up!

Forgot to mention earlier: These past few weeks I’ve been following Joe, an American guy whose been preparing for a 5 month stay as an exchange student in Hirosaki, northern Honshu. He finally arrived there last week, and tonight updated his blog for the first time.

Boy oh boy have I enjoyed reading it. He’s a great writer. It takes me straight back to my first trip to Japan 8 years ago (when I did actually go to Hirosaki myself, although it was only by looking at Joe’s photos tonight that I realised this, having completely forgotten the name of the place). It’s so refreshing to see Japan through fresh eyes, and without prejudice or disdain.

Reading that Day One entry of his I couldn’t help but feel it was the beginning of an epic Murakami novel.

Hmm, anyway, time for bed.