Well well well. Just got a phone call from Mother to let me know that I didn’t get the job as CIR on the JET program. The letter finally arrived this morning.

Initial reaction is of course one of disappointment. They don’t disclose why they turn people down, but I’m guessing it’s either because I’m delusional in thinking that I was up for the job, or because of my insistence that being near Tokyo (where *Twinkle* is) is important to me (and there are very few positions available in that region). I knew this was a gamble, and it was recommended that I not do that by friends currently on the scheme as it makes them nervous of offering you a position in case you turn it down – but I didn’t think it fair on them to lie.

It was in any case a very worthwhile experience, having had to attend that interview and all. I learnt a fair bit through that and am grateful for it. And, whatever the reason for it, I’m sure they made the right decision. I’ve emailed the program director to thank her for considering my application in any case (I know her through having done some advertising for them).

The next reaction is one of excitement. I now have this big blank canvas that is my life after July 25th. Ok, so it’s going to be Tokyo-centred, but other than that…?

One issue now is actually getting to Tokyo – having no savings and a wedding to pay for means I’m going to be pretty broke. Well, very broke actually.

Looking at job vacancies in Tokyo most specify that the applicant must currently reside in Japan. That’s not really an excuse to not update my CV and get on with looking though, although it’ll have to wait a few weeks until my dissertation is out the way.

Hmm. I’m intrigued to hear how this story will unfold. I guess I’ll just have to watch this space.