It’s reached the stage with this dissertation writing where drastic action is called for. I need to go on retreat this weekend to write it.

The only problem is finding somewhere that is affordable, quiet, and has no Internet access. Hotels are out on both counts. I’ve found a camp site, but it lacks a desk.

If I hadn’t got Broadband put in at mum and dad’s I could have gone there. Any ideas?

There is another 3-step option, which is looking more and more like the only option:

1) Set up parental controls on my Macbook’s second user account so that it will not allow any Internet access, and will only allow me to use my word-processing application, then…

2) Ask my class mate to reset my Macbook’s admin password, and not tell me the new password until Monday. Then…

3) Spend the weekend in Western bank library, which has very few PCs with Internet access.

Sounds like a plan.

2 Responses

  1. Unfortunately I don’t use a cable connection, and wireless is considerably harder to cut in half using a pair of scissors.

    However, in the true spirit of synchronisity, the answer came to me this morning when listening to Macbreak weekly.

    Andy Ihnatko’s recommendation of the week was

    I love it (just a shame I’m limited to 3 hours of freedom…!