A few moments ago I got an email from Björk, saying that she’s decided to postpone tonight’s gig at Sheffield City Hall.

That’s a right shame, I was just starting to get really excited what with it only being 3 hours away. I popped down to the venue to make sure it wasn’t someone impersonating Bjork that had sent the email, but no, all the gear was being packed back into the trucks (it was a LOT of gear).

As for why the concert has been postponed, it seems that someone had told her about how I was struggling with my dissertation, and that whilst I really wanted to see her, it would actually be in my best interests if I went to the library.

It’s that kind of thoughtfulness that makes Björk Björk.

I’ve emailed her back and told her that I’ll finish my dissertation as soon as possible, so she can come back and perform for us. news