hello hello, brief update from amongst the piles of *stuff*.

It’s so good to be back with *Twinkle*. Things are better than ever. Interesting how marriage has changed the relationship (in a good way).

We moved into our new apartment. It’s small, and suffers from damp, although that should improve once the heat passes. Good location (very close to city centre), next to a big park so we have a nice green view.

We’ll move as soon as we can afford it though, as we’re told it’s absolutely freezing in winter.

I’ve applied for my gaijin card and health insurance, bought my iPhone. It is as lovely as I thought it might be. Strokey strokey.

Have a job interview Monday which I’m looking forward to. Need to get down IKEA too and get some bookshelves, I’m not too good at living in such a messy environment.

Been feeling a bit shocked at being here, keep on having to remind myself that it’s not just for one year this time. Really looking forward to feeling settled.