I’m a big believer in Synchronicity, experiencing its benefits on a daily basis. It’s taken me a while to reach this point, where it’s no longer just something to smile or say ‘wow’ at, but actually a tool to be used when deciding which path to take.

I’ve been using it quite a bit this week, as people come into my life in somewhat unexpected ways. The private school I’m now teaching at part time has been a bit like that. It’s an ideal environment for me to develop my confidence in. I’m being continuously thrown in at the deep end (that is, being put in situations that had I known in advance I would be put in I would have stressed about a great deal), it’s sink or swim, and so far I’ve managed to swim pretty well. The manager seems to trust me a great deal, although I’m not entirely sure why as they barely know me (OK, so I’m giving them good reason to trust me now by doing a good job and being very communicative). I feel it was no accident that I met them.

And again today. I attended a talk about detox diets – although it turned out it wasn’t really about dieting at all, it was more about healthy living – a timely reminder for *Twinkle* and I as meals are something else we’re thinking about as a part of our new life together. Anyway, the organisers of the event were keen to introduce me (the foreigner) to the speaker, a highly respected expert in his field, and I was happy to utilise my foreignness to make an impression. I mentioned that I was an English teacher, to which he responded by insisting that I teach him (I start with him on Thursday). That’s not all that significant in itself, but it has got us thinking about how we might use my (developing) teaching skills to establish a mini-English school of our own. We have use of an office in Shibuya, and we have a network of potential students as represented by Mr. Detox. This would not replace my full-time job, just supplement it.

In other news, I think I’ll be joining a photography group. They only meet once a month, but are nice and friendly 🙂 Thanks to Stu for the tip-off.

I’m keen to see as much of my friends as possible whilst I can, so tomorrow at 7.30am I’ll be meeting Tom in carriage one of the train to the Imperial Palace – which we’ll then jog around – start of the training program that will culminate with the 10K Tokyo marathon next spring (if we get in, it’s always oversubscribed).

Suppose I’d best get some shut-eye then. Nighty Night!