Lock and Lock changed my life

Tuppa was never our household’s strong point.when we lived in Sheffield, we had these nasty little tubs with lids that had a habit of cracking. Whilst we did invest in some slightly higher quality recepticles, they didn’t last long, getting fried in a microwave at a Japan Soc food party.

Things didn’t improve much last year in Itabashi-ku. Just after we moved in we bought some 100 yen tuppa. The lids stopped fitting whenever anything remotely warm was put in them – but we never thought to do anything about it.

Thus, until now, I have been hesitant to take radish and carrot salad, fearful that it would escape its temporary unlockable home and run riot in my computer’s CD slot. I did not enjoy taking rice dishes to my work place, knowing that I may well end up picking the grains out from the bottom of my rucksack.

That has all changed now. Last week I made the Executive Decision to procure an entire set of the snazzily titled Lock and Lock series of food storage devices.

Our new flock of Lock n’ Locks positively encourage the creation of packed lunches. They hold our food with confidence, not a hint of hesitation when asked if they would like to host the day’s edibles.

Thus, I would encourage others who suffer as we once did to seek out a local shop that stocks them, and invest in the best tuppas you might ever own.

They will change your life. maybe.

Autumn in the park

komozawa park_0313

The view from my jogging track. 500m mark.

For some truly beautiful autumnal (Japanese) pictures, I recommend you head over to www.Bastish.net.

(If you’re squeamish you’d better not look at the ones of the calf being born).

Kevin and Tomoe are truly remarkable photographers, and they provide me with a great deal of inspiration. It’s not just their photography I’m taken by though – their way of life has me spellbound. I often find myself reading their tales of organic living whilst on the commute home from work – the contrast between the tubes that run below Tokyo and the beautiful scenery of the Japanese outback could not be greater.

Kevin and Tomoe also run One Life Japan, and I would encourage anyone coming to Japan for a holiday and looking for something a bit more ‘authentic’ to take a look at what they offer.

Hhm. I seem to be a bit obsessed with this pig. I just can’t help but post another shot of her.

komozawa park pig_0294

Little Runners

kitanomura children playing_0348

kitanomura children playing_0355

I was sitting in Kitanomura park at lunchtime, eating my carrot and daikon salad, whilst watching the children play.

I wondered what the view from my bench might look like at other times of year, so I tapped the screen of my iPhone once, and a few seconds later was presented with a whole collection of photos taken within metres of where I sat, including one of the very bench I was sitting on. Someone else was sitting on it.

It felt a bit funny.

The wonders of modern technology.

The Pig Guardian

komozawa park pig_0291

She, and many of her friends, can be found guarding the footpaths of Komozawa Park