Mondays, my “day off” are fast becoming the busiest days of the week as I try and pack in everything that’s been put off from the other six days due to time issues. Today’s been good though. I’ve successfully trialled a new cake, washed the carpet, done another load of washing, tidied up, planned for tonight’s two lessons (the first of which I’m walking to as I type), written a magazine article and sent it with appropriate photos, delivered some stuff twinkle needed at work, taken some autumn photos in the park …but have run out of time to write the blog I’ve been wanting to write. Nevermind, it can wait.

I love the buzz of getting things done.

Anyway, just arrived at the company so had better get this posted!

4 Responses

  1. You work 6 days a week?? I knew the laws state that an employee must be given at least one day off a week, but I didn’t think many companies take 2 from you! Is that the norm out there?

  2. Joseph … I think you are doing TOO much ! You’ll get burn out …

    You are newly wed — you and Twinkle should be spending more time together just going places and having fun !

    Love from Granny …

  3. Well that’s amazing. I don’t think I could ever do such an accomplished day in my life.

    Unless of course, I procrastinate it out all off to the last minute then rush everything with doses of espresso. And that’s if I drink espresso anyway.

    I salute you and your blazing motivation.

  4. MIke: My full-time job is only 5 days a week, but I tend to work Sunday’s elsewhere. 5 days is the norm, although I do know people who work 6 days.

    granny: thanks for your concern! We do actually have quite a bit of fun in the course of what we do together, although it doesn’t usually take the form of ‘days out’. That may change come the Spring when *Twinkle*s current contract at the events company comes to an end.

    Megane-kun: thanks for your comment 🙂 That’s interesting you talk about procrastination, as I use that in just the way you describe. I’ll blog about it soon!