Great day today.

It started, in the beautiful autumnal morning sunlight, with Tom and I doing our first ever 15km run. This is a major achievement – I’ve never been a runner, and never would have thought that this year I’d be able to run 9.3 miles non-stop (ok, so I did stop briefly for a wee and to do my laces up).

We only started training about 7 weeks ago, and I remember how knackered I felt after doing 5km back then. The idea of doing a second 5km lap made me want to fall over.

Then last week we did the 10km. That was ok, although the final km sprint nearly killed me.

Today, my legs were fine until about the 12km mark, when my right knee – the infamous Trailwalker knee (which packed up on me halfway through the 100km Oxfam sponsored hike in 2007) started to ache. At 14km, my granny’s hip syndrome reappeared, as it does occasionally when I dance. But still, we did it.

I had my iPhone tracking us for the entire 1 hour, 17 mins and 23 seconds. The map can be viewed on EveryTrail, although I recommend downloading the Google Earth file (link on the main trip page) and viewing it in that, as you can zoom around the emperor’s garden and marvel at how we apparently jogged along the surface of the moat.

First ever 15km! at EveryTrail

Map created by EveryTrail:GPS Geotagging.

This is really exciting stuff! We’re thinking of entering the full Tokyo Marathon and possibly Honolulu Marathon in 2010.

After a trip home for a shower, I was back out to Shibuya for a private lesson, then a few hours spent editing the photos I took for the nail shop, C&K Nail. Here’s a few of the more interesting ones…




Have you ever seen nails like this?! It’s one from their special winter range.


Tonight I’m trying to catch up with my Japanese, as well as learn more about nutrition, and write a letter. Hmm, just not enough hours in the day!

I’ve decided to not eat any chocolate this week, so please, if you meet me on the street, don’t offer me any.

Thanks 🙂

6 Responses

  1. Congratulations on your run! It must be a fantastic feeling to know that your hard work is paying off. The same goes for your photography, for that matter! Great to see your goals being met and exceeded. : )

    Anyway, hisashiburi and all that, it’s been a while! I wish I could get to Tokyo when I go to Japan at New Year, but I’m hoping for a spring visit in early April, so hopefully you’ll be free for a hanami or something! Best to you and Twinkle, I’m glad your married life is going well.

  2. Wow, awesome run. Don’t think I could even do 1/4 of what you did! My Nihongo sensei is a runner and has been inviting us every time. Sometimes even resorting to a bribe of Pringles. LOL!

    And I’m trying to avoid chocs too, but with my fridge stock full of the stuff, I’m not sure how long I can last…

  3. Thanks Amelia!

    It does feel good, apart from in the legs which are a bit wobbly today!!

    Look forward to seeing you when you come over!

  4. Megane~kun

    I would have said the same as you 7 weeks ago – you should join your teacher! You never know, you might actually enjoy it! 🙂

    You can send your chocolate to me if you like and I’ll keep it in a safe place to make sure neither of us eat it!

  5. I am thinking of doing the Shimanto Sakura marathon in April with my supervisor (42km) but I am not sure I would be able to. Do you have any advice? It has been too dark to jog in the evenings or early morning here but I want to make sure I try to do it regularly.
    Madman, giving up chocolate. Though Japan is a great place to do it.

  6. Blimey, that’s impressive! Have you run that sort of distance before?

    I don’t really know much about training, I just do what I’m told by my friend Tom. Here’s our training program – hope it helps!

    Sunday – 15km endurance run to build stamina at a slower pace.
    Another day – speed training using interval training of sprints and slow jogs.
    Another day – pace training on the treadmill, going at 14km/h for 30 minutes.

    Weight training:
    Incorporate run specific training to maximize target muscles, as well as overall weight training to maintain strong muscle power.

    Last thing at night, full 15 minute stretch program to minimize injury.

    Need to take regular intake of amino acids, such as Amino Value drink to ensure muscle rebuilding and avoid injury. Also plenty of orange juice to avoid cramp. Black coffee to enable faster metabolism to help burn fat. Only drinking at weekends, and try to stick to red wine, no beer. Cut out any sugary foods and replace with fruit and nuts. Plenty of water during day. Protein and carb intake increased to cope with higher demand on body. At least 6 hours sleep per night to aid recovery.

    Training tips URL: eating properly treadmill training