Feeling really gripped by life at the moment. The feeling of adventure is almost tangible. My desire to make the most of every moment has resulted in my feeling like I’m sitting in the front car of a rollercoaster. It’s a fantastic ride – what will the next corner bring? Excitement as we persevere in climbing the incline, imagining the view that awaits us above. Reaching the top, excitement is replaced by joy as we see the sun-drenched landscape way below us, giving us an idea of just how high we’ve climbed. Then comes the thrilling descent – we’re moving forward at tremendous speed, propelled by the result of all our hard work up until now.

Just as we get used to the incredible cruise, a violent corner sees us lurch to the left, stomachs left behind. Nauseous, wanting the bend to end …but OK as we know the bend will end.

This is how it feels.

Just walking back from the station, I felt as if I was moving at 100mph.

Home. Our new England-themed business cards have arrived – these are joint cards featuring both *Twinkle* and I: fifty of my photos on the front given new acquaintances a choice, the same shot from our wedding on the back of each one so people remember who we are – how many times have you found yourself with a stack of business cards trying to put names to faces held in your noggins?

I love these cards, and I’m excited by the idea of giving them away.

I’ve spent the last two days attempting to transfer a completed wordpress blog from my local server (Mamp on my MacBook) to a live server – crikey o’Reily, will I ever figure it out?! I’m new to sql databases, and somewhat confuzzed. Will feel good when I do eventually succeed though – and I WILL succeed.

Really starting to feel the benefits of the sub-experiment which I began in 2006/2007, that of accepting that there is a good reason for everything that happens, although I may never know what the reason is. Only this week I marvelled at how much better I was able to deal with some interpersonal conflict. Two years back I would have been knocked for six by energy-sapping negative feelings directed towards myself and the other, but instead I was able to look on the bright side of the situation before the badness even kicked in, trusting that this was the right thing to happen. What a powerful thing thinking is.

I am fortunate in that there are very few negative people around me. I wonder if that’s a coincidence…

I should add, I am yet to be truly tested here. My life has been pretty blessed these past, er, 31 years.

Crikey. I’m 31.

My love goes out to Mr. Indi, and his wife. If you have some spare positive thoughts, I’d encourage you to subscribe to Is This All There Is? and send them their way.

It’s an emotional journey, and I’m not even the one living it.

The getting-up-at-6am thing is going really well. I whole-heartedly recommend it for anyone who doesn’t like mornings. It can make you super-productive, get your day off to a gorgeously satisfying start, puts you in sync with the natural cycle of the earth. (It does require going to bed before midnight though).

Going back to the power of thought, I’ve just been listening to The Field by Lynne McTaggart, as recommended by my mate Stuballs.

Based on interviews with today’s cutting-edge scientists, investigative journalist Lynne McTaggart wrote The Field, a compelling presentation of the theory that there is a measurable “life force” in the universe.

She cites some pretty interesting scientific experiments in which the power of thought to influence both people and machines is demonstrated. It’s not a great book in terms of writing style, but very interesting nonetheless.

I’m also still half way through Bill Bryson’s A short history of nearly everything.

I am forever more convinced of the power of thought when it comes to shaping our lives, yet remain a poor practitioner. There’s always more work to be done! Incidentally, whilst on the subject, I recommend Walking Through Walls by Phillip Smith – thanks to orchid64 for gifting me a copy (which I am loving, at the rate of about one chapter a week!)

Recently I have purposefully subscribed to a lot of blogs written by expats in Japan. It’s incredible to find this thriving community, where everyone ‘knows’ everyone else. There’s a real feeling of friendship, much of it revolving around Twitter – are you on Twitter yet? If not, you will be, so you might as well sign up now… 🙂 (I’m @tamegoeswild).

Japan Soc is another major gathering place. If you blog about Japan you might be interested in participating in a new effort to build a mutually beneficial community here. I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea.

Speaking of which, I think I’ll have a cup of tea.

Ok, I needed to say all that. Feel relieved now. On with the ride.

much love xxx

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  1. Hm, you’ve said so much but I’d like to be frugal with my words, although I could go on and on. I’ll say this: if you’re ever in the dumps (that’s an Americanism for feeling low) about where/what/who you are at this moment in Life, consider that someday you’ll be much older (like I am) and you’ll look back on your salad days in Japan with undiluted joy. Enjoy it now- not just the fun stuff, but the irritating stuff as well- it’s all part of the larger game. I’d love to step into your shoes and be an English teacher in Japan again, with all the opportunities to travel, polish my Japanese, interact with those fascinating/frustrating people and their complex culture. But I’d only trade places with you for about a week- because I am where I am supposed to be in Life and happy to savor my memories, and enjoy your experiences vicariously through you. Your blog is great!