Streaming the marathon

My running the Tokyo quarter marathon whilst streaming live video seems to have caught people’s attention, with two major US websites now offering to promote it, and another Japan-based media organisation interested in interviewing me tomorrow.

I’m raising money for Oxfam Japan.

This has all come out of the blue. I think the idea was a joke at the office at first, but has refused to be forgotten since.

That’ll all be featured on, although I’ll be cross-posting here,

Meanwhile, there’s been a storm of attention around, which hasn’t even started broadcasting yet. The number of emails and Twitter messages I’ve received wishing us at Pokya the best / offering to help out has been pretty overwhelming. Nope. No pressure.

Japan Podshow

Once again astonished by how, if you just make a move, take a step out of your comfort zone providence moves too.

I also took part in an hour-long live podcast tonight, talking about the iPhone, social networks in Japan and their impact on our lives. I have a way to go yet before I’m Andy Ihnatko.

I also took part in the Smart Phone showdown at the PInk Cow (Shibuya) – streaming the event live from two iphones whilst using a third to try and twitter that the stream location was going to change due to battery issues.

Friday I attended the third Tokyo CGM (consumer generated media) hosted by Danny Choo and Andrew Shuttleworth. What an experience that was. Imagine finally meeting a whole host of people whose stuff you’ve been reading for months (or years) but have never seen in the flesh. It was pretty incredible. I’d love to blog about that more, but will save it for the podcast.

The twitter network we have here in Tokyo (and of course beyond) has proved to be an invaluable tool, and I would thoroughly recommend to anyone setting up home in Japan (who is that way inclined) to use it’s amazing power to connect to others. A lot of good things have been coming my way through Twitter.

You can follow me

Anyway, I’ve got videos to edit so I’d best get on. Volunteer work at the local city hall tomorrow (work on their website) then hopefully getting much of the first podcast in the can (my second beautiful Samsung C01U USB Condenser mike arrived today, just 24 hours after ordering it online). In the evening I hope to visit the studios of the Tokyo Metpod, then a goodbye party near the company for a couple of colleagues.

Sleep is next year. Gripped by nervous excitement.


4 Responses

  1. What does Mum think? Never mind the contraption on your head – look after those shelves in your knees!
    Will put you on the calendar for 11pm Saturday. Much Good luck.

  2. Hi,
    Great video!
    Didn’t get to watch it live but watched it this morning around 10:30. Wouldn’t have known if Satoko hadn’t given us the link.
    A great show. You are really making the most of life. Thanks for bringing so much fun and sunshine wherever you go.
    What next in that febrile brain of yours?
    Can’t wait for it. Fame is just round the corner!
    Good luck – and get a patent on that cranium crushing streamer before someone else does,
    See you,
    Best wishes,
    Paul & Nako

    1. I think I might have to make it a bit more comfortable before I patent it! Thanks for your kind words! I have the next live-streaming experiment up my sleeve – but I need a break from it for now! I’m not even a celebrity yet and I’m already exhausted!