Japan Podshow - episode 2Blimey, I nearly forgot to post here that episode two of Japan Podshow is now out! Initial feedback from our growing audience has been very positive – and it’s shorter than episode 1!

I’m very grateful to everyone who has taken part in the podshow so far – it’s very much appreciated.

Check it out here or subscribe in iTunes.

As with Episode 1, I found producing episode 2 to be a lot of work. Trying to get all the editing done in time for a Sunday night release is really tough, and whilst I did ‘finish’ it on Sunday night I then realised I’d forgotten to include the audio from the maid cafe – so had to do it all again, thus it finally went out at 2.30am Tuesday!

It’s worth the effort though. I really enjoy being creative, and reading the feedback that we’re getting makes my day.

Tomorrow I’ll be working on getting the first two episodes of Japan Tech Show out – that’s an easy one, as it’s just intro-interview-outro with no fancy loops in the middle (Japan Podshow can run to 7 tracks due to all the different effects and stuff).

I’m also aiming to get a very special video out by tomorrow night. Stay tuned for that.

Until now www.josephtame.com hasn’t really served a purpose, except for the time it spent being owned by a German porn site. However, that’s all changed now – it is now dedicated to documenting my online activity. The engine behind it is Storytlr.com. I plan to intergrate the storltrl feed into the Daily Mumble for a quick reference of what I’ve been up to. I’ll do that …when I have time!