Wow. What a day. What a weekend. What a week.

In brief:

3-day email exchange with NHK-related TV producer . Very helpful. Pointed out what I need to work on to make it happen. The Susan Boyle video served its purpose.

Taught English cooking lesson (and got paid for it!)

Accidentally deleted Japan Podshow website database. Panic. Finally get it back online tonight.

Release special edition of Japan Podshow, focusing on Pachinko (subscribe now in iTunes)

Invited to see the amazing Cirque du Soleil – great seats, then a tour backstage. Have been asked to return again with cameras to make a mini-documentary. It was absolutely INCREDIBLE!

Invited to attend Foreign Correspondents Club by very kind photographer who has work published all over the place. Will be working with him to create a podcast about what he does.

Obtain 2 video cameras via Twitter – very grateful – thank you @podgy and @light_riot.

Do volunteer work at local city hall.

Film tonnes of footage for Japan tech podcast, including interview on Edufire with @rainbowhill via skype video from Australia.

More staff cuts in day job – and wage cuts all round as of next month. Nikkei is advising everyone to get second jobs.

Am amazed by what happens when you follow your passion. Very exciting times. Very busy times! Make it happen!