Yesterday, I made a trip to see my friends and Mrs. Bibi in the hills of Saitama, a couple of hours by public transport from where we live in central Tokyo.

Getting off the bus at the end of what had been quite an exciting journey there (I finished editing a video on the train and then had the opportunity to tell a taxi driver to “Follow that bus!” – after the initial confusion he rose to the challenge and did a fantastic job of heading it off at a junction a few kilometres down the road) I found myself struck by the beauty of Spring, and so decided to make a little video of the area as I walked up the hill.

3 Responses

  1. Isn’t the Japanese countryside beautiful? I remember going to an onsen just outside Kyoto when I first arrived Japan. Again, it was strange to think we were so near the city but in a different world.

    Stunning colours too. And I can smell the smoke all the way from Brixton as well.

  2. wow japanese countryside looks amazing, it makes me want to visit japan even more! Hope you enjoy(ed) your time in japan.