The Daily Mumble podcastWith so little time to blog, The Daily Mumble has suffered. Recent weeks have seen little original content – just repostings of content I’m producing for other outlets.

Tonight I was thinking what a shame this was, as I do enjoy writing The Daily Mumble. When do I have regular downtime in which I can write it?

Erm, well I’m not usually doing much when I walk home from the station. Typing for those 7 minutes would be a bit tricky though. I’d need some kind of harnness for my MacBook Pro.

…or I could just use my iPhone as a voice recorder and turn the Mumble into what it was always destined to be – a literal Daily Mumble.

So that’s what I’ve decided to do.

Welcome to The Daily Mumble Podcast.

There’s no promises with this, and, as with The Daily Mumble, I’m doing it more for myself than anything else. It’s not meant to attract a huge number of listeners. It’s more just a way in which I can document my life.

I’ve updated The Daily Mumble feed so that it’s podcast-compatible, so the feed hasn’t changed from what it was before. It may in due course be available in iTunes too.

Or you can listen to it here: The Daily Mumble Podcast 11th June 2009 (10 mins, 9.3mb, MP3)

In this episode I introduce the podcast, talk about being busy & marriage, talk about my debut on today’s metpod (about 25 mins in to the episode) and pass by the local fire brigade practising.

4 Responses

  1. I’m glad that you’re doing this because I miss hearing about “normal” (as normal as you can be) Joseph and his daily life and observations. I think it’s also valuable for you as it affords you moments of self-reflection which you may not have in your currently very busy life.

    It’s amazing the connections you’ve made in a relatively short time. I’m confident that they will lead you somewhere at some point in time. It’s just difficult to say where or when in the current economic situation, but America is just starting to recover and once it’s doing better (probably another year before it sees a very concrete rebound, possibly two), other countries will also improve including Japan and then more opportunities will be around for making money in media. With any luck, you’ll find something before the recovery is in full swing.

    By the way, what sort of “ice lollies” are you eating?

    Given my experiences at Tokyo Regional Immigration, I think a podcast covering the process and perhaps an interview with someone there would be immensely valuable. May it’s not “fun”, but it would help a lot of people who may feel anxiety about it understand how it works and what is to come when they go there.

  2. The Daily Mumble…R.I.P.

    Modern technology has killed the written word. What hope is there for internet lurkers like me now?

  3. I’ve also missed ‘normal’ content, and while I’m glad you’ve found a way to slot The Mumble back into your daily life I’m a little sad that it cuts me out for a while – I don’t have my own internet access for now, and am unlikely to until September, at which point I look forward to subscribing to your podcast. : )

  4. I can understand! For, a long while I hadn’t had time time blog or keep with others who are blogging. I think it happens to us all sometime. Maybe, it’s good to take some time off, reflect, gather one’s thoughts…

    Anyway, keep on entertaining and educating the world