been a great day today. Very productive. Voluntary work this morning at the city hall, editing a video I shot yesterday at Tokyo Hacker Space this afternoon, then edited almost an entire episode of Making it in Japan on the Hibiya subway line before meeting Christine and Steve (both of whom have appeared in Japan Techshow) to help Christine choose an eeeeeepc at Akiba Yodobashi.

Started to shoot some stock footage around Akiba – sell on iStock photo perhaps? Good way to at least start making an income from it!

Back to Meguro for an English lesson, then back home.

One issue I have with the Canon HF S11 is that the lens isn’t wide enough. But this is deliberate – they sell wide angle attachments separately, and I’ll think I’ll get one, as I’m so impressed with what this consumer model can do. Cost a pretty 25,000 yen though!

Looking forward to tomorrow too as I have the afternoon off for a meeting – and more editing. Really enjoying being creative and productive.

Things are moving in the right direction – it’s all good!

Below – my video from Koenji Awaodori, one of the three biggest annual festivals in Tokyo with over 12,000 performers. You can watch it in HD (big) mode here.

As you can see I stuffed up the aspect ratio as I’m a newbie at Final Cut (video editing software), and there’s a significant loss in quality due to it being on YouTube. You can download the original from Japan Podshow.

Nighty night!