Media Tectonics WordPress Website Workshop – Sun 6th December

WordpressOn Sunday December 6th from 2pm to 5pm I’ll be running a WordPress workshop for complete novices “From idea to online in three hours”. It’s aimed at those who have no prior experience of creating or maintaining a website.

It’s being organised as a part of a series of workshops by Media Tectonics (Cindy Mullins and Doug Jackson).

Here’s the official blurb:

Want to build a website in just three hours that showcases your work, art or business? Joseph Tame will walk you through the steps of installing WordPress (a free, easy to use website platform), choosing a theme, adding plug-ins to extend functionality (such as linking to Twitter), doing simple design customizations, and adding content.

By the end of the session, you’ll have an interactive, easily updatable website showcasing your talents or business. All you need to bring are a WIFI-enabled laptop, a website plan (instructions sent upon registration), money for purchasing domain (optional – see post-registration instructions), enthusiasm, and a can-do mentality.

Important! There’s a little homework to do before attending the session, so signup now to receive the instructions. Full instructions will be provided for all participants to refer to after the session.

Date: Sunday, December 6th, 2009

Time: 2:00 – 5:00 p.m.

Cost (to cover hire of room / equipment): 2,500 yen (prepaid); 3,500 yen at the door
 (bank details and a map will be sent upon registration, along with the homework instructions)

Location: Minami Aoyama Meeting Room (behind Tokyo English Life Line) Google Map

RSVP: Send an email with “MT Dec. 6” in the subject line to

cindy[at mark]

Space is very limited, so please make payment by Thursday, December 3rd to ensure a seat.

In the event of a waiting list, priority will be given to MT community members (those who have attended a workshop or who requested to be put on the mailing list directly).

In order for this to work participants will need to come prepared – things like having already decided upon a website address, decided what pages they want on it etc.

You can also contact me (leave a comment or see my contact page) for more information.

Look forward to seeing you there!

New personal distance record: South Tokyo half-marathon

Tom and I continued our training for the Tokyo Marathon 2010 this morning with our longest run yet – 22.5km around the south of Tokyo.

It was great fun, as we weren’t following any prescribed route, rather, just left Naka-Meguro at 7.30am and headed in the general direction of Rainbow Bridge, taking any road which looked interesting.

Here’s our route. You can view this is 3D in Google earth by downloading this file.

Our Tokyo hald-marathon training run in Google Earth

View the widescreen version here.

South Tokyo Half-Marathon

Map your trip with EveryTrail

Here’s a few of the embedded photos:

maple leaf_5150

We found some big deserted roads down by the harbour
joseph deserted tokyo_5124

Rainbow Bridge
Run to Rainbow Bridge

Tom’s on a boat
tom on boat_5129

Bizarre… a man playing a piano on a roof
piano on roof_5138

Secret 5-foot tunnel under the Yamanote line – being held up by Tom
tunnel under yamanote_5140

Some kind of rich religious chemistry cult?
chemistry building_5143

Passed by the legendary parasite museum
parasite museum_5146

Us at the end of 22.5km
Joseph Tom end of run_5149

Feel’s good to have done that. Good start to a Sunday.

Like father Like son

Some people wonder where I get the inspiration from to dress up as a woman…

Meet my father a.k.a. ‘Honey Bun’.

This was his costume for a recent charity fundraiser he took part in!

Peter as 'Honey Bun'

A Lesson from you: Everything will work out for the best

MyA couple of happy faces to brighten up this post! recent discovery of a forgotten email account attached to this website has given me the opportunity to travel through time through the lives of visitors to my website.

I’ve recorded a brief personal podcast to share the story with you. You can listen below or direct on AudioBoo.

Most respondents have been very forgiving. Some have laughed at my silliness. Most have been grateful that I have finally replied, which reinforces for me the importance of replying to all emails received. Even if only somewhat briefly.

(I’ve added a photo of a penguin and *Twinkle* just to add a bit of colour).


Autumn in Himonya Park

A few photos I’ve just taken in the park outside the house.

Despite it being Autumn, this is actually Sakura (cherry blosssom). The tree is called ‘October Sakura’, and it flowers twice a year (as explained on the sign below)
autumn in himonya park_6579

autumn in himonya park_6580

autumn in himonya park_6572

autumn in himonya park_6594

autumn in himonya park_6593


autumn in himonya park_6596

And, complete change of subject: I wrote this is the air by waving my iPhone around whilst using an app called Led Messages. 13 second exposure. It’s supposed to say ‘Tame Goes Wild’!