MyA couple of happy faces to brighten up this post! recent discovery of a forgotten email account attached to this website has given me the opportunity to travel through time through the lives of visitors to my website.

I’ve recorded a brief personal podcast to share the story with you. You can listen below or direct on AudioBoo.

Most respondents have been very forgiving. Some have laughed at my silliness. Most have been grateful that I have finally replied, which reinforces for me the importance of replying to all emails received. Even if only somewhat briefly.

(I’ve added a photo of a penguin and *Twinkle* just to add a bit of colour).


2 Responses

  1. Amazing, just caught up with your recent posts.
    Sounds too good to be true, I know of White Rabbit, I guess anyone who has been doing some research on Nihongo study would though…
    ANA would have been cool, but I can see what you mean about skills stretch, interest, and contribution. One was English teaching with probably some of the coolest perks, the other a multi skilled interesting role…
    Seems to me, you always go with what you want, is working out so far for you quite well, so best of luck.
    I’ll have to check out White Rabbit stuff again.
    All the best,