What on earth is happening to the Tame Gone Wild?

You know what he did yesterday? He got up late (it was a Saturday), then he went to a spa and soaked in an outdoor pool. Then he said in a comfy chair for a whole HOUR doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! except looking down at the people 6 storeys below on the street.

THEN he went home and watched movie trailers on the Apple site for about an hour-and-a-half. Then he went to Starbucks, bought a huge cinnamon coffee type thing and drew pictures of tigers.

Then he went home, and phoned all his family; he talked for two hours. Then he got in his futon and watched a DVD.

Today, he got up late, went for a run and then watched CASABLANCA – the first time he’d ever seen the film. He thought it was ACE.

He did a bit of work, then went to the pub and met some Twitter friends in REAL LIFE, and also met one guy who had come from Finland and was a fan of Japan Podshow. He talked business a bit and then talked about pepe the penguin.

He came home. He’s making hot cocoa. His darling *Twinkle* is on a bus home from Osaka, she’ll arrive in the morning. He missed her this weekend.

You see, this is what happens when you enjoy your day job! You become dangerously content with sitting in cafes and watching DVDs in bed at weekends.

I love it!

3 Responses

  1. You know what Joseph…so do I! I think this new ACTUALLY contented Joseph is something to cheer. This is a Joseph, I can get onboard with!


  2. That sounds wonderful, I’ve had a copy of Casablanca for ages but can’t convince myself to sit down and watch it. I will soon though!