It was with shock and sadness that tonight I heard that Rodger Swan had passed away. Whilst I had never met Rodger, like many of those who followed his life in Japan through his videos, I was very fond of him. It was impossible to not like the guy (read more by a close friend of his).

His death, following a sudden illness yesterday morning, serves as a powerful reminder that ultimately, what matters is loving, caring, sharing, and being true to yourself. And doing that today, not tomorrow.

The honesty with which he shared his life was touching. I found his attitude inspiring, and comforting too – knowing that this good person was out there.

When working in the media or living a networked life, striving to achieve business goals or chasing ‘success’, it’s only too easy to get swallowed up by pretence, and to sacrifice the practice of things that really matter for the sake of reaching superficial goals.

What matters at the end of the day though? I think it’s love, compassion, and being true to yourself.

And that’s what Rodger’s death reminds me.

Rodger, you shall be missed.

Rodger posted his last video 3 days ago.