sakura-buds_7677I’ve really been looking forward to Spring this year. I think it was around mid-February when I finally declared that I had had enough of the cold mornings, cold days, and cold evenings. Unlike in the UK, the weather tends to permeate the entire house (all 32 square metres of it!). Instead of thick walls, insulation and central heating we have cardboard walls, no insulation and a candle (a.k.a. aircon) to warm ourselves by. Having said that, this year I did discover a great way to heat the kitchen temporarily – the gas hotplate. Just turn it on for ten minutes and the room gets quite toasty.

Needless to say, I am ecstatic to feel temperatures rise and see nature react accordingly. The photo is of the cherry tree that leans towards our balcony – just starting to bloom!

Also, the sparrows are back! I stopped feeding them in the Autumn, and it seems to have taken them a while to rediscover the birdfeeder on our homemade windowsill, but now, everyday, we’re seeing a few more join the hungry pack that love to feed on seed.

Anyhow’s best get *Twinkle*s bento (packed lunch) ready, then head off to work myself.