Nippon TV: Zoom in Saturday

A couple of weeks back I made a brief appearance on Nippon TV’s ‘Zoom in Saturday’. The interview, which went on for about 15~20 minutes, was a lot of fun – here’s the 90 seconds that made it out of the editing suite!

This section of the program focuses on what foreigners think of Japan, and in this case, Akihabara in particular.

Due to copyright issues, the embedded version of this video is currently unavailable. However, it can be downloaded from here (31.9mb)

PechaKucha Night Presentation

I presented at PechaKucha last night. Thanks to all of you who came or watched online.

For those of you who don’t know about PechaKucha: the format is tough, with 20 slides, automatically advancing to the next slide after 20 seconds.

Thus, it means things can get a bit rushed…

Click here for the slides and sound only on the PechaKucha website

Big thanks to @stevenagata for managing the live stream – and lending me his iPad.

IT Media News article

Many thanks to Miyamoto-san of IT Media news for the opportunity to be interviewed for one of Japan’s major tech news sites – the story was published this morning.

For anyone in the Tokyo area, I’ll be presenting about the marathon at tomorrow night’s PechaKucha – and we’ll be using a certain Apple device to make it totally interactive! See you there!

[UPDATE] After a whole day on the front page, the story was reposted on Yahoo News and Mixi (login required). As a result of that, there’s now thousands of references to it all over the place. Crazy stuff!

Time flies like baby birds, press update

Sorry, but I just can’t resist it – the birds were at it again this morning when I woke up, couldn’t help but get a few snaps. These are taken through the glass door, thus they’re a bit noisier than they should be.

(Incidentally, one of my photos from my previous post is now on the front page of, having made the Flickr blog – thanks Flickr!)

It’s been another busy week, with meetings every night, covering a number of different projects. A few that stood out for me were with Sakura House, Ustream and Kanda san.

Sakura House (best place to stay when visiting Tokyo!) was White Rabbit Business. I was really impressed with their set up, and delighted by their willingness to cooperate with us. The meeting with the head of Ustream Japan (TEDxTokyo business) was certainly memorable, but not something I can talk about for now. Last night I took part in Kanda-san‘s nightly broadcast, in the ‘English corner’. I’ve been wanting to meet Kanda san for some time now, seeing him in a way as a kind of Japanese Leo Laporte – I shall watch (and contribute) to his live-streaming project with interest and enthusiasm.

We’re in the Sheffield Star and the Hereford Times this week too..

I’ve not got enough sleep this week, but hope to catch up tomorrow. We’ll be staying at one of the most luxurious hotels in Tokyo – the Four Seasons. That’s courtesy of the University of Sheffield and HSBC. Thanks to them 🙂

Next week’s looking pretty busy, but should be fun. Meeting on Monday about a live-streaming event in June, presenting at PechaKucha on Wednesday, walking through the night to the foot of Mt. Fuji on Saturday night as ‘last walker’ for the Oxfam Trailwalker event (you may recall we did the whole 100km in 2007).

Anyway, best get to bed. Nighty night 🙂

Birds and Babies in the blossom

I’d never noticed the birds taking pollen from the cherry blossom before. It was only when lying on the futon with the balcony doors open one morning last week that I saw them at it, hopping around from branch to branch, the tips of their beaks coated in golden dust.

I don’t know what kind of birds they are, as I don’t remember seeing or hearing them in the UK. They’re pretty noisy actually, only capable of an ugly screech. Still, I can forgive them this as their ugly screech is still a lot more pleasant for this country bumpkin than most of the noises around us.

bird in sakura_8200

bird in sakura_8197

bird in sakura_8202

bird in sakura_8206

bird in sakura_8147

It’s been a hectic week, as outside of my work I’ve had meetings at luchtimes and in the evenings too. Next week is set to get even busier, as things really start to take off with TEDxTokyo (15th May). This is a *good* busy-ness. I’m particularly looking forward to a mid-week meeting with Ustream Japan, part of the Softbank group 🙂

I’m very happy that Spring is finally here. Today we’re seeing a lot of the cherry blossom petals finally being blown from the branches – every year I’m surprised by just how brief their stay is.



The park has been a hub of activity lately, with the ponies coming out to give people rides, the boats being untethered, and the guinea pigs posing for photos.


Baby Sakura Horse_8185


guinea pigs_8128

Anyway, our train is now arriving at our destination, so I’d best pack up and get off.

Tarra for now!