Despite being a heavy user of tech, accustomed to the devices that we use everyday being updated and getting seemingly cleverer and cleverer all the time, I’m happy to say that I’m able to still feel a sense of wonder when experiencing technologies for the first time.

Just recently I’ve figured out how to be able to listen to all 70GB of music I have on my external hard drive at home – from anywhere where I have an Internet connection. To be honest, in technical terms this is nothing special – all I’m doing is making a drive available via the net, as has been done for decades.

But the fact that I can do it just by plugging the USB drive into my airport extreme router a home, and have it show up as a drive attached to my computer here in Starbucks – bloody hell! That’s amazing!*

I love living in this digital age.

*please ignore constant spinning of beachball as emobile network struggles to stream music at a decent speed…

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