Very happy to have finally got my microblog set up – I’m posting via email to posterous, which then autoposts to WordPress at – which then should post to Facebook, which then posts to email, at which point I get sucked into a perpetual loop which can only be broken by ingesting 3KG of Marmite.

There’s a lot of stuff I see and do during the day that’s not worthy of a full blog post, but won’t fit in 140 characters. The stuff that makes up everyday life. It’s stuff I’d like to keep a record of, and I think this is the way to do it.

Today’s mightily exciting photo is of a 6TB 4-bay raid drive that is ooooozing sexiness. It has a big blue button that glows too, in a manner that makes you think it was saying ‘boing boing’. But it’s silent.

Mightily interesting day today. Met a Hollywood film producer friend who’s been involved in some very interesting shoots (“Oh let’s just forget about wearing these flesh-coloured thongs and get on with it!”) – I may be able to help out with another shoot next month, although I won’t be stripping off myself.

Next up it was off to a client to learn more about the way they work, and drink coffee, then another coffee during a meeting in Shibuya, then *another* coffee for another meeting in Shibuya, then tonight a lovely meal with *Twinkle* down in Futako-tamagawa, over which we worked on plans for world domination.

Working freelance is going very well. Busier than ever, but very very rewarding.

Oyasumi xx

(now let’s see if this posts ok…)

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